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Since 2018

Tattoo Artist since 2018.

My approach in the tattoo world lies in the will to draw more.

Then I discovered the most important part of my work process -

The Human Connection.

My philosophy reflects the idea that our body tells our story.

And our tattoos reflect the way we see ourselves and the experiences we face in our lives.

A link to see our past, present and future.

Let's be gentle to ourselves and look at each other with kindness.



Art allows us to have a bigger picture of the world.

It opens our mind to what we can reach…

Drawing is my safe place.

I travel through the eyes of the characters I’m drawing and the emotions I’m lending them.

The ball pen technique demands accuracy and the awareness of the next line.

It requires to stay in the present moment.



from 2010 to 2017

Interior Architecture gathers my first works related to the arts and human senses.

The way your body responds to a given space and environment can immediately tell whether or not you will feel safe and good there.

Each place has a history and an energy. By observing and working on the details, you can make a place your own and express yourself through it.



from 2009 to 2017

Product Design requires the observation of our changing needs, in order to ease our dailies.

I like simple and practical designs.

The poetic gesture related to an object.

The way it blends in a given space and environment.

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